The tourism

The best way to visit the historical part of the town, you have to walk under the Clock Tower, or under the “Tour du Bourg Neuf”, then you will discover
Castle Empéri and inside of it, the Military Museum. Afterwards,
you can visit the Grévin Museum of Provence, the house of Nostradamus and St. Michel Church. ... More informations

Walking around the shopping streets of the City centre, you will arrive to St. Lawrence Church, the place which shelters the grave of Nostradamus. Along the way, you can stop at Crousillat square to discover our famous Moussue Fountain.

Then, in the area of the Soap factories, where you can admire the architecture of the former craftsmen houses along the Cours de la République, you can visit the Museum of Marseille Soap... More informations

During your cultural trip, don’t forget to have a look towards
our inimitable blue sky, and maybe you will catch the ballet of the
Patrouille de France... More informations

Finally, in order to discover the real atmosphere of the city, don’t forget to include our vast Wednesday market in your program...

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